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Rachel Pisciotta

Rachel Pisciotta

Author: SuperUser Account/Monday, August 26, 2013/Categories: Testimonials

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So I'm sure I have a somewhat similar CrossFit Beginnings story to most women. Of course I was scared and had tons of self-doubt. My husband (who is a beast) actually started CF first. I remember when he came home from his first workout with a bright red face and clothes completely drenched in sweat. It was in the summer so that added to his condition. He told me that was the most intense workout of his life and that there was no AC in the gym. I knew I wanted to join eventually...but no AC? At the time, I was jogging around campus about 3 times a week and did Body Pump about twice a week. I felt like if it was that hard for him, who did not focus much on cardio, that it wouldn't be too bad for me. So after a few months of hearing him talk about it, I finally joined. My first workout was easy since Brad had me do the introductory one. My first real workout with the class, proved to be completely different. And then I stayed sore. For a month! (Though the cardio I was doing before joining definitely helped me to not die in a workout.) I kept at it making 4-5 classes a week but also stayed sore the entire time. Now, I guess about 5 months later, I still get sore but not so much to where I silently cuss the instructors during the WODS. Just kidding. I totally still cuss at them, and I love it! After about 2 weeks, I could see my body changing. I have always struggled with keeping my weight down and my body type is pretty pear shaped, meaning I have a huge butt and thighs. My waist immediately started slimming down. I have always been unhappy with the fat that is where my triceps should be. Well now after months of CrossFitting, I have muscles that don't jiggle like they once did. I still have a long way to go, but I must say that I am extremely happy and surprised at the way my body is changing. I have less cellulite on the back of my legs and all of a sudden I have trapezius muscles! I have never had definition in my traps before so I was kind of shocked when they just appeared. I also enjoy having my children do mini WODS at home. My 4 year old can do handstand push ups and I should have my 8 year old running marathons in the near future. I couldn't be happier with the training that I receive and from the support from the other members. CrossFit is the most addictive, fun and inspiring type of exercise I have ever done and I hope to continue it for the rest of my life.

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